Unlock Your Creative Potential with ARCA's Mentorship Support Program

Unlock Your Creative Potential with ARCA's Mentorship Support Program


Elevate Your Grant Application with ARCA's Mentorship Program

Are you an aspiring artist or cultural practitioner navigating the intricate world of grant applications? Would you like to receive personalized advice and support to refine your application? Submit your request to our Mentorship Program today!

ARCA recognizes the challenges inherent in grant applications. To address this, we've meticulously crafted an exclusive Mentorship Support Program, tailored to elevate your proposals and bring your artistic vision to life. Our program includes:

- Tailored Proposal Support: Receive personalized guidance to refine your proposals, ensuring alignment with your artistic vision and meeting grant requirements.

- Expert Application Texts: Craft compelling and persuasive application texts with the assistance of seasoned mentors, setting your applications apart.

- Individualized Mentorship: Connect with experienced mentors for one-on-one support, nurturing your creativity and strengthening your application skills.

Can't meet in person? We offer online meetings as well!

Ready to take the next step towards realizing your creative ambitions? Apply to ARCA's Mentorship Program now! Submit your CV with a personal letter (max 1 page) outlining the support you seek, the grant you're applying for, and your draft proposal.

Email the complete application to artnexus@konstnarsnamnden.se.

Upon reviewing your application, we will connect you with a mentor to commence working on your application.

Curious about the guiding voices behind our mentorship program? Dive into the stories and expertise of our mentors by exploring their detailed profiles on our mentorship program page.

Empower your artistic journey with ARCA's Mentorship Program – where personalized support meets creative excellence!