Lauresha Basha

Lauresha Basha


My professional journey as an art professional includes a rigorous training program at the Sotheby Art Institute, where I improved my skills in building and executing art projects while running an art gallery. Additionally, I completed the Creative Producer Program for Western Balkans by the British Council, further enriching my understanding of the creative industry.

My approach to mentoring is rooted in a holistic understanding of delivering cultural products, encompassing the entire spectrum of project development and execution. Guiding individuals through the process of structuring and articulating their project ideas effectively is not just a task but a passion.

One of my strengths lies in assessing and appraising projects from the perspective of potential donors. This unique insight allows me to evaluate projects objectively, ensuring they align seamlessly with organizational goals. My ability for identifying strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for enhancement in project proposals sets the foundation for success.

Drawing from my experience in curating a gallery and writing small-scale projects, I possess hands-on expertise in project ideation and execution within the cultural sector. Through this journey, I've come to appreciate the importance of attention to detail and effective communication in project writing, knowledge that I am eager to share with my mentees.

I am committed to providing tailored guidance that empowers mentees to develop strong, compelling project proposals. With a diverse skill set and a genuine passion for the field, I am confident that my mentorship will have a positive and lasting impact on the individuals under my guidance.

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