Are you our new mentor?

Are you our new mentor?


Become a Mentor in Grant Application Expertise with ARCA's Mentorship Program

Are you an accomplished senior with expertise in grant application writing? We invite you to join ARCA's Mentorship Program and contribute to guiding organizations and cultural practitioners through the intricacies of grant applications.

ARCA aspires to be the platform for artists, organizations, and cultural practitioners, offering support, networking opportunities, and fostering growth and learning. Committed to providing essential tools for artists and cultural entities to secure funding and cultivate growth, ARCA is actively seeking mentors, particularly those well-versed in the art of writing grant applications, to participate in our mentorship program.

Mentorship in the cultural and artistic domain is a transformative relationship with the potential to shape careers and futures. Your proficiency in grant application writing, coupled with a deep understanding of the cultural and artistic landscape, can make a profound difference for those seeking guidance and create a strong, long lasting network. As a mentor in our program, you will provide invaluable support to organizations and cultural practitioners as they navigate the grant application process.

Writing successful grant applications within the cultural and artistic sphere is both an art and a science. It is a critical skill that can secure vital resources for cultural projects and artistic initiatives. Recognizing the immense value of your experience in this field, we are eager to leverage your knowledge for our mutual benefit.

If you are an experienced senior within the cultural field, particularly with a profound understanding of grant application writing in the cultural sector, we invite you to embark on this exciting journey with ARCA.

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Join us in shaping the future of Albania's cultural landscape through mentorship on ARCA!