ArtNexus Open Call

ArtNexus Open Call

Artnexus Capacity Building Project Proposal

Artnexus invite visionary project proposals aimed at catalyzing the growth and impact of cultural organizations in Albania. Our commitment to fostering a vibrant cultural landscape drives this call, specifically targeting projects within the realm of capacity-building for artists.

Key Focus Areas:

We seek proposals that champion the creation of safe spaces for artists and cultural practitioners, empowering them to expand their artistic horizons. Embrace the challenge and align your project activities with crucial areas such as freedom of expression, human rights, accessibility, inclusion, intellectual property, or copyright.

Elevate your project by demonstrating alignment with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These global goals provide a powerful framework for addressing key challenges and fostering sustainable development. Showcase how your initiative contributes to a brighter, more inclusive future.

Financial Support Options:

Applicants have the opportunity to apply for financial support of 5000 EUR to organize activities. Our support can act as seed money, empowering applicants to seek additional funding for endeavors such as pilot activities or crafting applications for other projects.

Why Choose Artnexus?

Artnexus is committed to providing comprehensive support, from funding to mentorship, to ensure the success of your capacity-building project.

Join a community dedicated to making a lasting impact on the cultural and artistic fabric of Albania, with the potential to reach audiences far beyond.

Artnexus encourages innovative approaches that challenge the status quo, fostering a culture of creativity and growth.

Submit your project proposal to Artnexus and be a driving force in shaping the future of cultural organizations in Albania. Find more information about the open call and the application template here. Email it to no later than 10th March 2024.

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