MuZEH Lab Center has activities in the best interest of the public, the development and activation of young people and the community with culture and the use of the discipline of museology and cultural heritage as forms of mediation, advocacy, encouragement and interaction as links in the development and education of society.

Its strategy focuses on the use of museum discipline and cultural heritage, with the conviction that through them grows and develops, educates, activates, transforms and grows civic culture and further society.

Beyond the boundaries of the approximation of society with different aspects of culture, the aim is to connect and activate citizens and dialogue from personal experience, which includes other sectors such as cultural heritage, archeology, arts, cultural tourism, creativity, documentation, protection, preservation, digitization and education.

The center aims to advocate museum institutions and museum professionals and involve them in their discussions and experiences with the museum itself, visitors, the public in educational activities and activities, seminars, discussions and other performances

The scope of services that our organization provides: